Sharing our in-depth design knowledge with designers from all fields.

Digital Workshop Atlanta (DWA) helps individuals learn the strengths of digital representation using software. We provide comprehensive workshops, spanning introductory to advanced levels, to those who want to enhance their technical representation skills. 

Our workshops empower individuals to meet the demands of a changing market. Software proficiency as well as a strong ability to represent ideas and works is now an expectation for professionals at all levels of their careers.  Whether you’re an architect, artist, designer or simply a design enthusiast, we encourage you to pursue the power latent in being able to efficiently and confidently manifest your visions into visual expressions. 

Why is DWA doing this? It’s simple. We want to help individuals who may be struggling to visualize or adequately express complex detailed designs. As fellow designers, we too spent years struggling with technology without any affordable avenue for assistance.  Therefore, we created one. We’d like to share our hard-earned knowledge with you so that you can capitalize on our experience to become a better designer.

Grab your co-workers, classmates, happy-hour buddies, and friends and contact us today.

Participants Reviews:

“It was pretty fast, but I wanted to learn a lot ...”

“...easy to interrupt and ask questions to get caught up.”

“This class was defiantly worth it, lots of good, dense info. It is enough info[rmation] to be able to go off and try to work on a project on your own.”

“... comfortable saying that I can use..”

“[instructor] was very knowledgeable... I did learn a lot.”


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